Clothing Training Shirts | Viking Europe Lockness T-Shirt Women fuchsia – TI21674


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Clothing Training Shirts | Viking Europe Lockness T-Shirt Women fuchsia TI21674

Bamboo Line
Bamboo Fiberes – yarn made of delicate bamboo fibers is a great alternative to traditional yarns used for the production of thermoactive underwear. Bamboo fibers have excellent thermoregulation properties, providing a pleasant feeling of cooling during intense physical exertion. Bamboo also has other advantages – it is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, inhibits the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors
and has natural properties protecting against UV radiation. Bamboo fiber yarn maintains its elasticity and functionality for a long time.

Ultra Light
A reduced weight product, maintaining all other parameters to ensure strength and functionality.

The product is characterised by high breathability, thanks to the use of materials that draw water vapour molecules to the outside surface of the garment.

Stretch Fabric
Highly elastic fabric provides freedom of movement and the most high comfort.

The product keeps the proper body temperature without disturbing the heat exchange between the human body and its environment.

Eco – Friendly
The product is made from a sustainable, renewable, plant based material that helps us stay true to our earth – friendly priorities.

The product created for sensitive and delicate skin. A smooth, soothing surface soothes inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

Thanks to the antibacterial treatment, the product is more hygienic, reduces the growth of bacteria and reduces the possibility of skin infections and irritations.

Bamboo Fibres
The product made of bamboo fiber; for its production, bamboo was used as a raw material, which is characterized by thermoregulation, antibacterial properties and protected against UV radiation.

Cooling Effect
The product with Cooling Effect technology ensure a pleasant cool and fresh feeling during physical activity at high temperatures.

UV Protection
The product made of a fabric that thanks to a special treatment does not transmit the light, which protects perfectly against harmful solar radiation.

Quick Dry Fabric
This fabric has uniquely shaped fiber, sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin and will dry out very quickly making
the fabric ready for use after a short time.

Perfect Fitting
Product made to guarantees a good fitting to the body during activity ensuring freedom and comfort of movement.

The product is made with seamless technology, ensuring high user comfort during activity, maximum freedom of movement and no risk of abrasion or pressure in the most sensitive areas.

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